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FERRO BAC is a company that was born in 1974 and since then has been operating in the sector of mechanical metalwork. The company has specialized in the construction of medium and large-sized workpieces over the years


The company has gained increasing success since the very beginning. Then, little by little, it started to carry out more and more complex and elaborate works: mechanical metalwork on behalf of third parties, mechanical works, the construction of special parts in drilling machines, lifting equipment, machinery for tunnels and general medium-heavy mechanical metalwork.

The company specializes in this activities:


•     Cutting
•     Bevelling
•     Lathing
•     Metal drilling
•     Threading
•     Assembly
•     Submerged arc welding
•     Co2 welding
•     Straightening
•     Sandblasting
•     Painting
•     Boring


Company infrastructures / operational equipment:


•     No.1 Sandblasting tunnel (sizes 2500 x 1200 x 12000)
•     No. 14 Cranes "from 5 to 15 Tons"
•     No. 1 Wheel-mounted crane  ORMIG 25 Tons.
•     No. 2 Lorries
•     No.1 " Genie Z45 " moving platform
•     No.5 Boring machines
•     No.45 Welding machines
•     No.1 Submerged arc welding equipment of 1000 Amp 
•     No.1 Painting equipment (solvent coating )
•     No.2 Parallel lathes

•     No.1 Radial drill

•     No.1 Mill drill
•     No.1 Milling machines
•     No.2 Lorries
•     No.1 Shaping machines
•     No.2 Reciprocating saws
•     No.2 Semi-automatic band saws
•     No.3 Pallet trucks

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